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One of the things that's most inspiring about the #Occupy Wall Street Protests is seeing folks from so many different walks of life, with such different struggles standing together and saying our government has looked after the needs of the big banks and richest 1% for long enough!

The protesters sleeping out in Zuccotti Square are making a sure that our elected officials are ready to hear about the problems that the other 99% of us having been going through.

We're gearing up for tomorrow's solidarity march with the #OccupyWallStreet protesters by having a Tweet-Out! Starting at 12NOON you can join us by tweeting about how the recession has effected your family to the hashtag #99problems and #OWS.

Sample Tweets:

Having 2 buy paper 4 the copier @ my daughters school because w/ budget cuts they can no longer afford it #99problems #ows

Applied for a mortgage modification and the bank \"loses\" my paperwork for the 5th time #99problems #ows

Applied for a mortgage modification and the bank \