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Bloomberg to NYC: 'Do More with Less'

"...Fewer cops, fewer firefighters, fewer teachers, fewer this, fewer that.”  

We’re just going to have to cut some more. 

At least that’s Mayor Bloomberg’s solution for closing the budget gap.   Cut and then cut some more. 

Last week Mayor Bloomberg dismissed the notion big banks and millionaires should pay their fair share in taxes in order to avoid some of the harshest cuts, saying struggling New Yorkers are simply going to have to find “ways to do more with less”.  


We’re just going to have to do with less police, fewer firehouses, bigger class sizes, unaffordable college tuition, less health care and child care, and on, and on?   In fact, Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed budget will hurt nearly every single New Yorker, except for the ones put us in this mess to begin with, the Wall Street bankers.  But rather than listen to the wishes of his constituents who want fairer tax policies, he chose to side with his wealthy friends when he lobbied Albany for a tax cut for the rich—a move that cost our city billions. That’s billions in lost revenue that could have gone to keep our schools, firehouses, and senior centers running.   

Well most New Yorkers think that's just plain wrong.  The answer isn’t simply to cut jobs and starve our city services. We need millionaires and big banks to pay their fair share of so we can begin to reinvest in a strong and just economy for all.  

On May 12 join us in telling big banks and millionaires it's time to pay.