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We’re in the last hours of talks on this year’s City budget – it’s time for one last round of actions to demand a fair budget agreement that would restore Bloomberg’s cuts to essential programs and services and prevent mass layoffs that would make a bad economy even worse.   A few minutes of your time today between 2PM and 5PM can make a real difference in the fight for a fair budget.  


Today/Thursday from 2PM to 5PM we’ll be contacting key members of the City Council Budget Negotiating Team (BNT) by phone, email, Facebook and Twitter to tell them:   “Stay strong, stand up against the Bloomberg budget – make big banks and millionaires pay their fair share and bring home a fair City budget without severe cuts and layoffs.”  

Full contact information for all BNT members is listed below -- thanks for taking action!                    

Christine Quinn 212-564-7757!/chriscquinn  

Brooklyn Letitia James (Chair) 718-260-9191!/TishJames

Brooklyn Erik Martin Dilan 718-642-8664

Brooklyn Lewis Fidler 718-241-9330 No No

Brooklyn Sara Gonzalez 718-439-9012

Brooklyn Domenic Recchia Jr. 718-373-9673!/DomenicRecchia

Brooklyn Diana Reyna 718-963-3141 NO

Brooklyn Albert Vann 718-919-0740

Bronx Annabel Palma

Bronx Fernando Cabrera 347-590-2874!/FCabreraNYCC

Bronx James Vacca 718-931-1605

Bronx Joel Rivera 718-842-8100

Manhattan Gale A. Brewer!/galeabrewer

Manhattan Daniel Garodnick (Chair) 212-818-0580!/DANGARODNICK

Manhattan Inex E. Dickens 212-678-4505   

Manhattan Robert Jackson 212-928-1322!/council07

Manhattan Melissa Mark-Viverito 212-828-9800!/mmviverito

Manhattan Rosie Mendez 212-677-1977!/rosiemendez

Manhattan Jessica Lappin 212-980-1808!/JessLappin

Queens Leroy Comrie Jr. (Chair) 718-776-3700!/Leroycomrie

Queens Karen Koslowitz 718-544-8800!/KK4NYC

Queens Eric Ulrich 718-738-1083!/eric_ulrich

Queens Julissa Ferreras 718-651-1917!/jferreras

Staten Island James Oddo (Chair) 718-980-1017!/councilmanoddo

Staten Island Vincent Ignizio 718-984-5151!/vincentignizio