We hear it every day: There’s no more money.


No money to keep our senior centers open, pay our teachers, serve the homeless or help college students graduate. There’s no revenue to pay for vital services or invest in creating jobs. Well, people across this country have had enough.  


There is no revenue crisis; there is an inequality crisis.  


The Big Banks that crashed our economy, destroyed jobs, caused millions to lose their homes, and bankrupted city and state budgets, are reaping record profits—and yet they are refusing to pay their fair share of what it will take to rebuild our economy. 

From Wisconsin to Wall Street people are fighting back!


Here in New York City, a vibrant coalition of groups has a plan that will allow Mayor Bloomberg to save our jobs, human services, schools, pensions and communities.  We know that the city could be saving billions of dollars if it stopped the corporate sweetheart deals and bogus tax breaks.  We know the city could force banks to change their ways by refusing to do business with companies that are foreclosing on homes, charging exorbitant fees and interests, and investing in dirty energy and war.


That’s why on Thursday May 12, 2011 at 4PM thousands of working people, students, seniors, people on public assistance, and community activists, will take Wall Street to school and create a giant classroom without walls in order to teach New Yorkers about who really destroyed our economy and what we can do to save it.


Starting at 4:00 PM, orientations will begin in public assembly sites throughout Lower Manhattan. Each Assembly site will have a different theme: Education, Students, Transportation / Energy, Immigration, Housing, Peace, Jobs, Human Services / Safety Net.  These assemblies will be followed by marches into the Financial District where we will stage the city’s largest teach-in to educate Wall Street and all New Yorkers on what it will take to rebuild our economy. We will join together to discuss our next steps to insure that Mayor Bloomberg makes a commitment to a strong and fair economy for all.